Coronavirus update

Following H.M. Government advice and the pausing of all Prevent delivery in schools, Reveal Theatre and the “Game On” Team are awaiting further announcements for the recommencement of projects and their delivery in the schools.

Timetables and delivery challenges will be re-planned and rescheduled as instructed received from Prevent Teams around the country.

At this moment all our efforts are to support our Partners, our Practitioners our Communities and those we hold close.

Our “Game On” Practitioners have offered themselves, if needs be, to assist in supporting the children of key workers in the schools of Stoke – just email Reveal.

Reveal and the “Game On” team look forward to re-starting “Game On” – when directed and called upon in the future.

We are sending our best wishes to all – stay safe, stay well.

Julia Barton and Dominic Meir
Reveal Theatre Co. Ltd.