We have waiting in the wings and ready to take into Schools or Community Groups:

“My Mind Matters” – a Project developed alongside Healthwatch Stoke to explore with young people the impact of Mental Health how awareness and recognising behaviours that can be exhibited by our friends and colleagues who may be suffering and who can support them.

“My Life, My Choice” – a Project developed to work with young women on the impact of social media, body image, confidence and self-esteem. How being in control of your life is your choice and is in your hands.

Reveal can create bespoke theatre-based projects to explore with children and young people the many issues in today’s changing landscape can impact on their lives. We can work with schools or community groups to look at issues that can make our young people resilient and able to succeed in today’s Society.

Welcome to our new Website. Reveal are delighted to have our new website to keep you informed of our work, how we are moving forward and adapting to new Challenges that our children and young people face. We will be bringing you updates as to our work with children and young people in the West and East Midlands and London. Our work with children and young people in schools and community settings is to support them in this ever-changing world. A world that can be fraught with challenges that we could never have imagined when we were teenagers!

We all want our children to be resilient and able to develop into the adults that they will need to be to stand against the injustices and issues that seem to beset our lives and communities nowadays. We would like to thank Limelight for their expertise, design and development for our new website – couldn’t have got to this point without all the hand holding from limelight.co.uk“.

Thank You

Dom Meir and Julia Barton
Directors of Reveal Theatre Co. Ltd.