“Game On” and the LFE – League Football Education

We at Reveal Theatre Company are thrilled to announce our confirmation as one of the League Football Education’s Life Skills providers. We will be delivering the work through an interactive workshop that reflects the values of the football club and academy as a workplace. Using information, discussion, real testimony and stories from both local, national and international perspectives, the participants will explore the topics of racism, Far Right and Islamist extremism. The workshop will have a consistent focus on how these topics are as relevant as ever to a career within football. The participants’ learning is reinforced with active interventionist exercises to assist an objective as well as personal understanding of the dangers of extremist ideologies, behaviours and tactics.

Through engaging with the participants’ personal values alongside establishing rules and the importance of being in control of oneself, Reveal’s practitioners will facilitate an environment capable of having such conversations in a meaningful way. The content of the workshop uses each individual club’s rules and values as well as the Equality Act of 2010 to illustrate how the participants’ daily engagement in their academy can challenge extremism.”

In August 2019 Reveal were honoured to be asked to deliver “Game On” workshops to West Bromwich Albion FC Academy where we were able to work with the whole of the Academy cohorts, exploring the issues of extremism and building resilience. The participants were a credit to the Club and were able to explore their own experiences how as young footballers they can support each other as well as develop their own resilience. “Game On” originally started back in 2007 with Port Vale FC Valiants Against Racism so it was nice to ‘return home’ to footballing community.

UPDATE: On the 17th February 2020 Reveal delivered the Game On workshops at Port Vale F.C. Academy to their 13-14 year old group with the newly adapted Game On workshop for Football Academies.