Bespoke Workshops

Working closely with each client group and their participants to ensure that the programme of work created in partnership mirrors the aims and objectives that they wish to achieve.

Ensuring that all work is monitored, evaluated and gives value for money.  The work will always be engaging and fulfilling giving the participants a voice so that whilst learning and exploring they will also enjoy the process of using theatre techniques to progress and understand others.

Bespoke Workshops

Reveal Theatre have created bespoke programmes of work for schools and communities that aspire to:

  • Create

    To create a more cohesive, tolerant society across the Midlands and North West of England.

  • Enable

    To enable communities to make their own, informed decisions relating to the complex issues facing British Society today.

  • Enhance

    To enhance the lives of communities through arts-based learning.

  • Develop

    To develop ways to challenge, explore and resolve issues that impact on their lives in the ever-increasing complexities of young people lives