About Reveal and how it evolved

Reveal has evolved throughout the years as a specialist provider of applied theatre techniques and documentary style performances, both of which have been proven to illicit change, create movement of thought and can change behaviour.

Subject matters are explored using a mixture of interviews, published reports, government papers, historical reference, newspapers and online film and videos all of which are reinforced by theatrical and dramatic techniques to bring to life the content and the issues. Participants and audiences are confronted with a cornucopia of inconvenient truths and often dark subject matters, all with the aim of entertaining and informing.

Mission statement

To use documentary theatre and drama intervention techniques to explore complex issues affecting British society today, promoting open-mindedness, tolerance and understanding.

Our current programme of artistic work is focused around producing high quality programmes that tour schools, colleges, universities and communities, with our main focus on Children and Young People. This focus is simply because growing up in British society is difficult enough, but when you have to contend with issues such as online safety, discerning real news from fake news, through to the really challenging topics such as radicalisation, extremism, gang violence and the impact of social media on confidence and self-esteem, then young people need all the help that they can get.