Documentary Theatre

Challenging and exploring complex issues facing children and young people through documentary theatre, drama intervention techniques and workshops.

Being in the present.

To exploit the past.

To resolve the future.

Being in the present.
To exploit the past.
To resolve the future.

We work with many schools, colleges and community groups across the Midlands and North West of England.

This programme demonstrates movement of understanding, will empower participants, challenge extremist narratives which in turn can identify participants in need of support.

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Help and support is available for those working with children and young people in school or in the community, so that they too can be better able to address complex issues.

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Is there an issue or subject matter you want to address in your school or college? We can help with our bespoke workshops which are designed and developed especially for you.

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Welcome to Reveal Theatre

When we started Reveal Theatre Company (Reveal) in 1999 it was with the intention to use documentary theatre and participant drama interventions as the cornerstone to all that we do. We believed then, as we still do now, that this medium of engagement using original sources, real people’s stories, together with participant stories, was the best way that complex subject matters could be explored and examined with children and young people.

Our Ethos

“We, at Reveal recognise the pressures on schools in these difficult days of austerity and budget constraints – how almost every “issue” seems to being placed on the shoulders of teachers being the gateways to communities and their families. Our ethos at Reveal is to work alongside schools and teaching staff to support the challenge of societal issues that are impacting on our children and young people which in turn detracts from their learning.”


‘I have worked closely with the Reveal Theatre since 2007 and have always been impressed at the way they introduce sensitive issues to young students and are able to skilfully negotiate the challenging questions that inevitably follow. I feel our students improve their appreciation of other cultures through the workshops that the Reveal Theatre deliver.’

Chris HallVice-Principal - Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent

It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved and work with the “Game On” Project. Students at Thistley Hough have engaged with and gained so much from the project. The interactive workshops allow the students to engage with various topics and themes allowing the students to feel confident in expressing their views and opinions in a safe and comfortable environment. The team are so helpful and as well as providing engaging workshops for the students at Thistley Hough they have also worked with key staff to develop their understanding, knowledge and expertise.

Darren SandersAssistant Principle - Thistley Hough Academy, Stoke-on-Trent

Being able to take part in the ‘My Life, My Choice’ workshop has enabled our students to explore concepts that they may not have consciously/actively considered and to explore these in a non-judgemental, open environment; but, most importantly Reveal’s Practitioners created a safe space for our girls to reflect on their experiences, start a conversation about their image – how they feel and how others/social media makes has an impact on their self esteem, self worth and confidence. I’ve never had so much positive feedback from students!!

Thank you so much for bringing the workshop to us.

Progress MentorStoke Sixth Form College
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