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Three School Consortium delivery of Game On for Haywood Academy, Birches Head and Sandon Academy.

January – March 2014 – delivered two phases to all Year 7 pupils at the three High Schools who have come together to work in partnership with regard to GAME ON.

January – April 2015 – following the success of last year’s delivery working with Haywood Academy, Birches Head and Sandon Academies Reveal’s experienced practitioners have returned to the Three School Consortium.

Two School Consortium – Excel and Discovery Academies.  Following the success of our Three School Consortiums Excel and Discovery Academies have come together with regard to the delivery of “Game On” to their Year 7 students. These students will have two phases exploring in detail cohesion, racism and extremism and how issues connected to race, religion and national identity can impact on their School communities. We are delighted that our Consortium work continues to grow in Stoke-on-Trent. The work is part funded by SOT Council and now The Home Office which supports the Schools who are using their own budgets to bring “Game On” to their schools.

East Midlands PREVENT Delivery for FE Students and Training November 2014 – April 2015.
Reveal have been working over the past year with East Midlands PREVENT Team to deliver to large groups of FE Students in Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicester. These sessions are for age 16+ students with Reveal using 5 Practitioners working with up to 120 students, exploring extremist ideologies through the subjects of race, religion and national identity using interactive presentations, drama technique and discussion groups. This is a new way of working developed with the East Midlands Team and adds a new strain of delivery for the Reveal “Game On” Team. We have also alongside East Mids Team been delivering to groups of professionals such as Social Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Youth Workers, and Probation Officers. Game On is a vehicle that can be used to assist professionals to explore the paths of radicalisation and how extremist ideologies can affect their client base.

February 2015 – Reveal Theatre working with Blackfriars Special School in Newcastle-under-Lyme exploring British Values in a fun way the practitioners engaged with the pupils looking at where our British Laws started with the Magna Carta and how important democracy is in our Society. One of our practitioners ended up in the stocks!!

Keele University – Reveal has worked with the Careers Department February 2015 where our practitioners explored with final year University Students the importance of body language and how to present yourself to potential employers this work was delivered within the Careers Alumini Event.

Reveal’s practitioners will again be working with Keele University PGCE Students in June 2015 in preparation for their final teaching practice the work is entitled “Riding the Storm”.

Reveal Theatre will be working in partnership with Haywood’s New Sixth Form Academy which opens in September 2015. Taking over a newly refurbished Burslem Site (Old Town Hall and Ceramica) Reveal Theatre have been asked to deliver a B.Tech in Acting for students at their new Sixth Form. The course will commence in September 2016 working in partnership with Staffordshire University and The Mitchell Arts Centre. This is an exciting new programme for Reveal Theatre .


It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved and work with the “Game On” Project. Students at Thistley Hough have engaged with and gained so much from the project. The interactive workshops allow the students to engage with various topics and themes allowing the students to feel confident in expressing their views and opinions in a safe and comfortable environment.
The team are so helpful and as well as providing engaging workshops for the students at Thistley Hough they have also worked with key staff to develop their understanding, knowledge and expertise.
Darren Sanders
Assistant Principle
Thistley Hough Academy
‘Game On’ has been delivered to every Year 7 cohort for the past seven years. The work and ethos of exploring extremism and being able to critically examine the ideologies connected to the Far Right and Islamist organisations has had a positive impact throughout our students’ school journey. Due to Reveal Theatre’s work, our students better understand how these ideologies could divide our cohesive community. In addition Reveal’s system of ensuring that we, as the host school, are fully aware of any issues that arise from their workshops, has assisted the school’s understanding of some of our students and their vulnerabilities. ‘Game On’ also ensures that our students are aware of the dangers of communicating in online activity and how extreme organisations and their ideologies can so easily be heard and viewed through such communication. The ‘Game On’ delivery is constantly researched and updated to ensure that what is occurring in the world is explored with sensitivity and understanding of our students’ diversity.
Dilesh Parmar
Haywood Academy
“Game On” has been delivered in our new Academy for the past three academic years. The “Game On” Team has delivered their interactive workshops to our Years 7 and 9 cohorts with great success. The interactive workshops have helped our young people understand the diverse world around them both locally, nationally and internationally giving some clarity to the complexities of the impact of both Far Right and Islamist ideologies that can enter their lives daily though the internet. “Game On” ensures that our pupils are aware of how vulnerable they can be to extreme views, opinions and propaganda if not being safe when online whether through social media or theatre of war gaming. “Game On” will make sense of a very complicated world for our pupils through such engaging techniques as drama games, theatre techniques, discussions and the stimulus of images and videos. Most importantly “Game On” helps keep our young people safe in a world that can be not only confusing but at times dangerous.
David Brandrick
Discovery Academy
‘I have worked closely with the Reveal Theatre since 2007 and have always been impressed at the way they introduce sensitive issues to young students and are able to skilfully negotiate the challenging questions that inevitably follow. I feel our students improve their appreciation of other cultures through the workshops that the Reveal Theatre deliver.’
Chris Hall
Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent