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GAME ON – Step Up – The Game is On!

“GAME ON” is a programme of work by REVEAL THEATRE COMPANY LTD. The programme takes the form of an engaging workshop process rather than a passive theatrical production. Working with Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Colleges of Further Education and Universities, we offer an interventionist programme of work to inform, explore and find positive resolutions to extremist ideologies that can threaten our communities.

“Game On” highlights and reiterates School’s Policies for Internet Safety in relation to online games (according to collated workshop data) and websites that promote extreme ideologies making young people vulnerable to radicalisation.

Game OnReveal Theatre also provide training connected to PREVENT for Service Providers and Professionals working with Children and Young People.
“Game On” works with the students to explore the issues of cohesion, anti-racism, religion and extremism and how they can have an impact on our communities. “Game On” explores with the young people difference, diverse cultures and religious beliefs that are part of our communities and how their values are part of or can become part of Great Britain. The students also explore the view that if those communities do not work together to understand difference, religion and diversity, how this could lead to a creation of an environment where extreme ideologies become embedded enabling those extreme views to flourish in our communities.

Approved by the Home Office

Home-Office-logoWe (the Home Office) ahead of the financial year 2015/16, we have been reviewing local projects we have funded since the beginning of our programme in 2011 and have developed an understanding of what we assess to work well in reducing local vulnerabilities. As such we have identified projects which we believe serve as best practice, including GAME ON.   –  Quote from confirmation notice received from Home Office (OSCT Team) March 2015 by Reveal Theatre Company Ltd. – Read the Best Practice Deliverer confirmaion from OCST

The delivery of “Game On” by Reveal Theatre Company – A Professional Company’s approach to Extremism – Exploring with young people both far right and Islamist narratives

Reveal Theatre Company is a documentary theatre group used by a number of Secondary, Primary and FE Education establishments as well as training professional organisations to build resilience to radicalisation. Reveal practitioners continuously research historical and current events used to justify extremist narratives. Learners are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills in order to deconstruct the extremists’ ideology. Questions such as ‘What narratives are being used by extremists?’ “How are extremists able to be selective and twist “truths” in order to recruit to their ideology?”
These questions are explored through dramatic interventions, techniques and interactive presentations. Reveal Theatre Company has worked within the area of extremism since the conception of “Game On” in 2007. Reveal’s experienced Practitioner’s use primary sources of extremist organisations as collated from the internet, social media, other propaganda materials and the first hand experiences of extremist organisations that Reveal Theatre Company can validate.

What Can Be Achieved

Reveal Theatre Company continues to undertake relevant research to update new knowledge and further understanding of the issues related to extremist ideologies and how international/national and local events that can impact on the work of “Game On”.
Reveal Theatre Company provides theatre workshops tailored to each educational establishment’s requirements both large and small but ensures that all sessions are interactive.

Game OnReveal Theatre encourages learners to participate in bringing their own stories, knowledge and understanding of extremism. These extremist ideologies are unpicked and challenged in order to reject them. Drama techniques are used so that participants can learn through a unique way.   “Game On” also tries to establish a more balanced understanding of others politics, religion and opinion.
Throughout a programme of delivery of “Game On” the “Game On” Co-ordinator liaises closely with the participating educational establishments in supporting both Staff and learners within the project. The Co-Ordinator has links with many organisations that can support, assist and help a young person during times of confusion connected to race, religion and politics.

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